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UNIO automatic groups - JAC
The Unio is the automatic group completely configurable from A to Z from JAC. We could talk to you about it for hours, but the simplest thing is for you to contact us so that we can configure it together according to your needs.
copy of Slow proofing chamber - Blue Room
The Blue Room Slow Rising Fermentation Chambers are intended for bakeries making bread using a slow rising fermentation process. They allow a regular growth of your large productions in order to plan your work.
REMOVABLE Pastry Towers TPC 60 - CFI
The Pastry Towers of the TPC range (dismountable static positive cold pastry towers) are intended for the positive conservation (minimum +1°C) of all pastry and pastries products. They are equipped to receive all 400 x 600 mm supports (entry direction 400).
Proline automatic groups - JAC
The Proline is the versatile automatic group par excellence. Its flexibility allows it to process a wide range of doughs. Ultra compact, it is the ideal companion for shapers, volumetric weighers and feeding belts in the JAC range. With a maximum throughput of 1800 parts per hour, it will take your production to the next level.
self-tilting spiral mixer - SPI - Bertrand Puma
The self-tilting mixer from Bertrand Puma allows the dough contained in the fixed bowl to be transferred.
The mixer is completely lifted then tilted by the mechanical arm so as to slide the dough contained in the tank to a volumetric weigher or a lowering table.
DIVIDER SHAPE - Divitrad - Bertrand Puma
The legendary DiviTrad®, used for so many years, is back in force with a brand new design and new features, under the name of DiviTrad® Legend.
Versatile, DiviTrad® is equipped with knives allowing a cut into 20 square dough pieces. It allows both the "classic" division before fermentation and the "tradition" division to work directly and cook immediately.
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