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copy of fermentation chamber
The devices of the CF range are Controlled Proofing Chambers allowing you to obtain a regular growth for your productions in trolleys while controlling your energy consumption and the fermentation parameters. p>
copy of PH Digy planetary mixer
Easy cleaning thanks to a leveling satellite and no retention zones Mobile planetary mixer that is easy to move with the caster kit and stabilizers at the rear Comfort of use with assisted raising and lowering of the tank
copy of Slow proofing chamber - Blue Room
The Blue Room Slow Rising Fermentation Chambers are intended for bakeries making bread using a slow rising fermentation process. They allow a regular growth of your large productions in order to plan your work.
SPI-LAB kneader
Modularity: each kneader can operate independently and decentralized, or be associated with the supervision tool - Up to 10 kneaders can be connected by bluetooth Versatility: As many recipes as installed kneaders are possible at the same time Flexibility: Possibility of suspend a test in progress. Modifiable parameters during the test Traceability: Each test carried out is recorded with all the parameters influencing the quality of the kneading: bowl and tool speeds, time, temperature, energy Reproducibility: the parameters and conditions defined allow a recipe to be reproduced at any time. identical, and to maintain the quality
RD2 First Divider Rounder
Using a rounding divider allows the dough to be divided into pieces of equal mass and rounded to make small round loaves.
BLUE CARE - Negative Storage Cabinet
BLUE CARE are Negative Storage Cabinets (from -10°C to -22°C), intended to receive grids in 400x600 or 600x800 mm format. The Blue Care range is available in a Gastronorm version with two models intended to receive grids in GN 2/1 format: 1-door (700 litres) and 2-door (1400 litres) models.
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