Professional Bread Slicers Chute - JAC
The Chute has been designed to slice series of calibrated breads with ease and at sustained speed. The loaves follow one another there at a rate sustained by the simple fact of gravity.
Swift Professional Bread Slicers
Assured cutting speed and no adjustment required make the Swift, a multi-format serial slicer, the ideal workshop slicer. Drop your series of loaves of all types and sizes onto the machine's infeed belt and slicer the slices one after the other without any difficulty.
Bread slicers for professionals Zip
Specially designed for slicing baguettes, buns and other round rolls horizontally in half, the Zip is the perfect companion for sandwich shops and other snack outlets.
Bread slicers for professionals Integra Pro
Now that the Varia disc slicer has set a new standard in terms of speed, ergonomics, hygiene and safety, why not implement all this in an integrable slicer? That's what we've done with the all-new Integra disc slicer. The integra is a slicer that adapts easily to the work surface of your shop. The new touchscreen from the Varia is now also available on the Integra and it makes all the difference in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. The exterior is good but it would have been a shame to stop at her magnificent black dress. The heart has also changed. This new heart is that of the new Varia. Up to 240 minute slots in quiet silence
Bread slicers for professionals Face+
The Face+, a compact variant of the Eco+, is based on the 60x60 concept invented by JAC 30 years ago. This concept introduced the notion of reduced size and imposed a maximum footprint of 60cm x 60cm. It can also be optionally equipped with the revolutionary Automode automatic starting system for even more comfort.
Face+ 450
Bread slicers for professionals Modena+
Based on the automatic reference that is the Eco+, the modena+ is a manual version. Designed for users accustomed to the use of lever slicers but who want to take advantage of the technological improvements of modern slicers.
Bread slicers for professionals Full T2
Semi-industrial slicer par excellence, the Full T2 makes it easy to slice very large series of breads with two operators. the motorized loading belt allows a regular and continuous cut. Equipped with a bagging blower, packaging is greatly facilitated.
Full T2
Bread slicers for professionals Varia Pro 800
The Varia, a slicer with variable slice thickness, allows you to differentiate yourself and build customer loyalty by offering them the choice of slice thickness. An additional service compared to your competitors. A compact rye bread does not require the same thickness of slice as a very honeycombed country bread.
Varia Pro 800
Bread slicers for professionals Picomatic 450
Automatic table slicer par excellence, the Picomatic is the most suitable solution for points of sale that have little space but still wish to take advantage of the comfort offered by a JAC automatic slicer. It can also be optionally equipped with the revolutionary Automode automatic starting system for even more comfort.
Picomatic 450