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Professional bakery equipment

Transform your bakery into an exceptional place of creation with our complete range of professional bakery equipment. Each product is carefully designed to provide optimal performance, whether for shaping, kneading bread, baguette, pizza dough, ideal fermentation or precise cooking.

Our kneaders and beaters are equipped with advanced technologies to knead with perfect dough homogeneity, while our professional ovens are designed to ensure even heat distribution, producing impeccable baking results with every use.

LIQUID SOURDOUGH MACHINE Fermentolevain Bertrand Puma
The Fermentolevain is bakery-pastry equipment used to produce and store liquid sourdough.
Incorporating liquid sourdough in bread-making shortens kneading times and promotes air cell formation irregular. Liquid leaven gives greater mechanical tolerance to the dough (flexibility, elongation). Depending on the incorporation percentage, the aromas and flavors of the products will be varied.
Onyx FIT Deck Ovens
Onyx is the ultra-compact oven developed by the Pavailler teams. A true baker's oven, with power and responsiveness worthy of a standard-sized deck oven, ONYX FIT makes no concessions on performance!
Easyform divider formers JAC

Tank dimensions (mm): 469 x 387 x 70
Min/max tank capacity (kg): 3/5
Net weight ( kg): 60
Click & Cut:
Hydraulic dividers Div 16 round
Round divider par excellence, the DIV 16 round allows you to divide into 16 equal parts. The division being a trying stage for the machines, JAC made ambitious technical choices: reinforced piston and sharp stainless steel knives. These assets make it a reference machine on the bakery market.
Div 16 ronde
New Self 450 self-service bread slicers
The New Self is the fixed-slice self-service bread slicer in the JAC range. Equipped with a front cover and a rear cover both locked during cutting, it is the ideal fixed slice slicer to be made available in supermarkets. Easy to use, simple to maintain and ultra-reliable, it's an investment that quickly pays for itself.
New Self 450
SPI 53 & 63 spiral kneaders VMI
Small kneaded bowls for the most varied preparations Easy to move thanks to the wheel kit Transparent cover with access hatch Intuitive touch interface with recipe programming Quick tool attachment system (snack version)
SPI 53 S
Abyss plunge arm mixer
ABYSS plunge arm mixers perfectly reproduce the artisan's gesture by delicately kneading all types of dough — from the most hydrated to the most complex — for optimal oxygenation without overheating.
ONYX Deck Ovens
The Onyx electric deck oven is one of the most compact on the market. This bakery and pastry oven combines versatility and power for accelerated cooking. Maintenance is carried out from the front giving this deck oven the possibility of being built-in on the 3 sides in order to fit into the smallest bakeries.First of all, configure the steam generator, to see if it matches your cooking habits! Click here.
Diviform divider formers JAC
The Diviform was developed especially for highly hydrated doughs. Its grid support allows you to benefit from the very wide and diversified range of more than 100 grids, enough to find THE right shape for your product. Division being a demanding stage for the machines, the Diviform is equipped with a reinforced piston and an entirely stainless steel tank. It can also be optionally equipped with the Easyflour flour duster and the Fullmatic automatic system.
Varia Self 800 self-service bread slicers
revolution has been born in the bakery for a few years: Offer the customer the possibility of adapting the thickness of the slice to the different types of bread. A compact rye bread does not require the same thickness of slice as a very honeycombed country bread. The Varia Self, slicer with variable slice thickness, allows you to differentiate yourself and build customer loyalty by offering them the choice between three configurable slice thicknesses. An additional service compared to your competitors.
Varia Self 800
copy of SPI 53 & 63 spiral kneaders
Small kneaded bowls for the most varied preparations Easy to move thanks to the wheel kit Transparent cover with access hatch Intuitive touch interface with recipe programming Quick tool attachment system (snack version)
SPI 63 S
Fixed bowl spiral mixer
SPI spiral mixers ensure gentle kneading, without overheating, while respecting the steps necessary for perfect oxygenation.
The regular movement of the spiral allows the creation of a structured dough, smooth, coherent and homogeneous, thanks to a succession of pressures, stretching and shearing.