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Automated kneading systems

Doing good kneading is crucial to the success of many bread recipes, pizza doughs and other baked goods.

Explore our exceptional collection of automatic or hand kneading machines on the dedicated Fournil CONCEPT page. Master the art of kneading with our state-of-the-art equipment designed to meet the kneading needs of professional bakers. Whether you prefer traditional manual kneading or opt for the modernity of a pastry robot, our solutions are adapted to each method.

Transfer elements and ancillary systems
Increase in production capacities Diversification of your production with a wide range of mixing tools and tank scrapers Improvement in the comfort and safety of operators on a daily basis
Verymix continuous mixer
24/7 work, 7 days a week Diversified production A user-friendly and efficient HMI allowing the equipment to be easily controlled. Access to consumption data and different usage measurements allows you to improve the yield rate of your production. Perfect and rapid pre-hydration of powders thanks to the horizontal pre-mixer (PMH) A mobile CIP cleaning system
Continuum® vacuum kneader
Improves the softness and preservation of the product, due to excellent aeration of the dough by the use of vacuum/pressure technology Optimal transmission of energy to the dough and better heat exchange thanks to the limitation of the work in progress of dough in the kneading tank Control of all the kneading parameters The horizontal pre-mixer (PMH) ensures the perfect pre-hydration of the powders in a very short time
Batch kneading systems VMI
High level of productivity Versatility in applications and processes (breads, pastries, biscuits, pizzas, etc.) Regularity of processes thanks to the traceability of operations Optimized hygiene and maintenance
Verymix III horizontal mixer
Kneading under controlled atmosphere for better preservation and softness of the products Ideal for frozen products thanks to a triple jacket stainless steel tank Easy cleaning and maintenance
Bottom Drain Mixer (VPF)
Versatility in finished products with several mixing tools to choose from Compact and ergonomic equipment Modularity of the mixer according to the evolution of your production level