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Laboratory kneaders

Explore our range of Professional Mini Kneaders at Fournil Concept, designed to meet the highest demands of bakery and pastry making. Our spiral mixer, equipped with an oblique arm and a lifting head, offers an optimal solution for preparing bread dough, pizzas, and much more. laboratory mixer kneaders in order to test recipes and ensure efficient extrapolation

With an adaptable capacity 10 liter tank capacity, 5 dough capacity in kilograms of flour, our professional stainless steel mixer kneader is ideal for artisan bakeries, pastries, and professional kitchens. The removable bowl makes cleaning easy, while the adjustable speed guarantees perfect mixing for all your creations.

Mahot LABO 25 oblique shaft kneader VMI
In order to carry out kneading tests with an oblique axis, VMI created the MAHOT laboratory kneader, named LABO 25. It is intended for testing laboratories, training centers or flour mills, in order to carry out bread-making tests on different flours and ingredients. The LABO 25 can be used individually or in a bench of up to 5 mixers.
SPI-LAB kneader
Modularity: each kneader can operate independently and decentralized, or be associated with the supervision tool - Up to 10 kneaders can be connected by bluetooth Versatility: As many recipes as installed kneaders are possible at the same time Flexibility: Possibility of suspend a test in progress. Modifiable parameters during the test Traceability: Each test carried out is recorded with all the parameters influencing the quality of the kneading: bowl and tool speeds, time, temperature, energy Reproducibility: the parameters and conditions defined allow a recipe to be reproduced at any time. identical, and to maintain the quality