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Dosing, depositing and transfer equipment

Our “Dosing Equipment” product page features a complete selection of dough dosing equipment to meet your precise and efficient production needs. Whether dosing powders, fluids, materials or pharmaceuticals, we have the solutions to suit your industry.

Our dosing equipment is designed to deliver exceptional accuracy, ensuring reliable and reproducible dosing. With our range of pumps, dosers, valves and technologies, you can automate your dosing process for increased line productivity.

Hopper Topper
Fast pumping for all viscosities Productivity and precision thanks to the automated regulation of the pumping rate Adapts to all containers thanks to the pneumatic lift Quick and easy cleaning allowing you to quickly switch from one product to another 4
Complete 2 in 1 pumping and dispensing equipment Performance with quick and simple dosing Ergonomics in use and cleaning Practicality of the integrated pump
ELF 400 SV
Compact and adaptable to any support Precise control of the dosed portions Complete dismantling of the machine for quick cleaning
Universal 1000i SV
Precise adjustment of speed and dosage Cleaning and quick change of nozzles Accurate dosage