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Bakery mixer

Explore our exclusive collection of professional spiral mixers, designed to meet the high demands of bakers and pastry chefs. Our machines incorporate innovative technology with oblique stainless steel arms, guaranteeing homogeneous and efficient kneading of the dough.

The spacious tank and robustness of our equipment offer increased capacity, allowing your bakery or pastry shop to meet production challenges with ease. Each spiral dough mixer is carefully manufactured to meet the highest professional standards, ensuring long-term durability.

By investing in our quality equipment, you not only strengthen your production capacity, but you also improve the quality of your finished products. Choose trust, choose [Your Brand], your trusted partner for top-notch bakery equipment. Explore our range today and experience the difference.

Transfer elements and ancillary systems
Increase in production capacities Diversification of your production with a wide range of mixing tools and tank scrapers Improvement in the comfort and safety of operators on a daily basis
Mahot LABO 25 oblique shaft kneader VMI
In order to carry out kneading tests with an oblique axis, VMI created the MAHOT laboratory kneader, named LABO 25. It is intended for testing laboratories, training centers or flour mills, in order to carry out bread-making tests on different flours and ingredients. The LABO 25 can be used individually or in a bench of up to 5 mixers.
Verymix continuous mixer
24/7 work, 7 days a week Diversified production A user-friendly and efficient HMI allowing the equipment to be easily controlled. Access to consumption data and different usage measurements allows you to improve the yield rate of your production. Perfect and rapid pre-hydration of powders thanks to the horizontal pre-mixer (PMH) A mobile CIP cleaning system
MAG PRO fixed bowl spiral kneader
Simplicity and efficiency for kneading standard dough thanks to recipe programming and the 2 tool and bowl speeds Power and regularity of kneading ensured by the double motorization Ergonomics and working comfort Safe operation
SPI AV spiral mixer
Performance thanks to its robust design and powerful motors allowing regular production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Versatility of applications Ergonomics and ease of use Optimized hygiene and maintenance
SPI 53 & 63 spiral kneaders VMI
Small kneaded bowls for the most varied preparations Easy to move thanks to the wheel kit Transparent cover with access hatch Intuitive touch interface with recipe programming Quick tool attachment system (snack version)
SPI 53 S
SPI-LAB kneader
Modularity: each kneader can operate independently and decentralized, or be associated with the supervision tool - Up to 10 kneaders can be connected by bluetooth Versatility: As many recipes as installed kneaders are possible at the same time Flexibility: Possibility of suspend a test in progress. Modifiable parameters during the test Traceability: Each test carried out is recorded with all the parameters influencing the quality of the kneading: bowl and tool speeds, time, temperature, energy Reproducibility: the parameters and conditions defined allow a recipe to be reproduced at any time. identical, and to maintain the quality
Continuum® vacuum kneader
Improves the softness and preservation of the product, due to excellent aeration of the dough by the use of vacuum/pressure technology Optimal transmission of energy to the dough and better heat exchange thanks to the limitation of the work in progress of dough in the kneading tank Control of all the kneading parameters The horizontal pre-mixer (PMH) ensures the perfect pre-hydration of the powders in a very short time
Batch kneading systems VMI
High level of productivity Versatility in applications and processes (breads, pastries, biscuits, pizzas, etc.) Regularity of processes thanks to the traceability of operations Optimized hygiene and maintenance
MAG-R PRO removable bowl spiral mixer
Ease of use thanks to its electronic control panel and the possibility of saving up to 20 recipes Versatility: the pivot/scraper allows you to knead both small and large quantities of dough Productivity: to automate your productions, the mixers of the MAG-R PRO range can be completed by installing a lift and additional stainless steel tanks on a trolley Small footprint and working comfort thanks to the hydraulic system for raising and lowering the head
Kneadster® Kneader
All-stainless steel machine for industrial or semi-industrial use Innovative and efficient mixing technology for all types of dough, from the firmest to the most hydrated Ergonomics and ease of cleaning Modular and upgradeable
Genius spiral kneaders
Intuitive touchscreen interface with recipe programming Double transmission to knead the toughest doughs Machine mobility thanks to a pedal integrated into the frame A water inlet to supply the kneader and for drench during production An access hatch to facilitate machine maintenance