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Ventilated Ovens

A ventilated electric oven is a ventilated oven that uses electrical resistance to generate heat. Fan-assisted electric ovens are the most common in domestic kitchens. They are generally less expensive than vented gas ovens.

Professional Ventilated Ovens

Professional ventilated ovens are used in bakeries, pastry shops and other catering establishments. They are generally larger and more powerful than domestic ventilated ovens. They are also equipped with additional functions, such as steam cooking or forced air cooking.

TOPAZE OPERA Ventilated Ovens
This ventilated oven will be your perfect ally for your pastries, snacks and breads. Expert as a pastry oven with its Fine crust system and easy-touch control, it will be suitable for cooking your pastries and the most delicate products such as macaroons, meringue or choux pastry.
ZIRCO Ventilated Ovens - self-cleaning
The ZIRCO oven adapts to you! The ZIRCO oven is available in 6 models. From the self-cleaning ventilated oven to the modular deck oven, ZIRCO knows how to meet all needs. Available in 5, 8 or 10 levels, ZIRCO accommodates 600*400 mm plates.
TOPAZ STYLE L15 Ventilated Ovens
The TOPAZE Style L15 is a versatile ventilated oven. Equipped as standard with a steam injection system, they allow you to perfectly cook your bakery products as well as your pastries. The excellent air passage between the 4, 10 or 15 levels allows your baguettes or pastries to fully develop and guarantees even cooking throughout the cooking chamber.