Kneader blender for pastry and bakery


Are you a bakery professional? Are you looking for a dough mixer that will allow you to make all your recipes, from the simplest to the most complex?

Our selection of dough mixers is made for you! We offer a wide range of professional quality stainless steel appliances with spiral mixer, fixed head, oblique arm, designed to meet all your needs, such as the tornado mixer model from the major brand Bertrand Puma.

Our stainless steel mixers are ideal for kneading heavy doughs with a capacity of 30 Liters to 200 Liters, such as bread dough or pizza dough. They are equipped with a mixing arm which allows you to work the doughs evenly and efficiently.

Our stainless steel mixers are perfect for mixing all types of ingredients, from liquids to solids. They are equipped with different accessories, such as whisks, hooks and beaters, to allow you to make a wide variety of preparations.

Our dough mixers are equipped with the latest technologies to offer you optimal performance and impeccable manufacturing quality.

Abyss plunge arm mixer
ABYSS plunge arm mixers perfectly reproduce the artisan's gesture by delicately kneading all types of dough — from the most hydrated to the most complex — for optimal oxygenation without overheating.
Fixed bowl spiral mixer
SPI spiral mixers ensure gentle kneading, without overheating, while respecting the steps necessary for perfect oxygenation.
The regular movement of the spiral allows the creation of a structured dough, smooth, coherent and homogeneous, thanks to a succession of pressures, stretching and shearing.
Tornado 80
Bertrand Puma's mixer, Tornado 80 supports you in large productions of your bakery and pastry products (biscuits, brioche, special breads, pastries, etc.) and toppings (cream , sponge cake, meringue, etc.).
Tornado guarantees precise and efficient work thanks to its 3 tools: spiral, paddle, whisk, and its control panel with variable speed drive.
Tornado Mixer Stentor - Bertrand Puma
The Tornado has been designed specifically for bakery and pastry, it allows you to prepare all types of mixtures such as pastry (cream, sponge cake, meringue, etc.) and a wide variety of doughs (biscuits, brioche , special breads, pastries, etc.).
Tornado guarantees you the precision and agility necessary for the realization of all your recipes thanks to its 3 tools (paddle, whisk, spiral) and its management of the mixing speed.
This table mixer is the ideal asset for small spaces, particularly in pastry making, allowing you to make creams, mixtures, or different doughs.
self-tilting spiral mixer - SPI - Bertrand Puma
The self-tilting mixer from Bertrand Puma allows the dough contained in the fixed bowl to be transferred.
The mixer is completely lifted then tilted by the mechanical arm so as to slide the dough contained in the tank to a volumetric weigher or a lowering table.
Tank lifter
Spiral kneaders with a removable bowl can be fitted with a bowl lift to make devatting the different products more easily.
Compact spiral mixer
Available in two models 30 and 45 kg, it allows the kneading of traditional breads, special breads, croissants... very gently.
BV hand mixer
Robustness and small footprint Versatility of applications with 3 easily interchangeable tools Hygienic materials: stainless steel base, column and tank
Planetary mixer Phebus - VMI
Precision and power of use for intensive production (up to 200 liters per tank) Comfort of work with a tank support on casters and hydraulic raising and lowering of the tank Several tools available for versatility in applications
Versatility of recipes and wide range of viscosities thanks to a very complete and interchangeable range of tools. High productivity: programmed cycles, automated integration of ingredients, integration into robotic mixing systems. More optimal cleaning due to the absence of a retention zone and an all-stainless steel design. Ease of maintenance quick access to parts and components.