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Rolling Mill

At Fournil Concept, we offer a complete selection of sheeters to meet all your dough, bakery and pizza making needs.

What is a rolling mill?

A sheeter is a tool or machine used to flatten and spread dough or other materials evenly and evenly. It is widely used in baking, pastry, pizza and other professional cooking industries.

The rolling mill generally consists of a pair of parallel rollers, often made of stainless steel, belt, table which rotate in opposite directions. The dough is inserted between the rollers and passes through them being compressed and expanded. By adjusting the gap between the rollers, you can control the thickness of the dough obtained in millimeters.

Forming rolling mills can be manual or electric, depending on the model and intended use. Manual rolling mills are operated by hand by a crank, while electric rolling mills are equipped with a motor to rotate the rollers automatically.

Sheeters are used to prepare different types of dough of different diameters and shapes, such as bread dough, pizza dough, puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, pastry dough, etc. They help achieve consistent dough thickness, which is essential for many baked goods.

In addition to dough preparation, rolling mills can also be used to roll out other materials such as fondant, marzipan or even certain types of plastics used in industry.

STRATUS rolling mill
Stratus rolling mills are available in several sizes: Junior (tabletop), Senior and Senior XL. They allow you to refine the dough and make beautiful puff pastry.
Laminator Stratus Mega 1400/1600
The STRATUS Mega are automatic all-stainless steel sheeters intended for the transformation of dough for the production of pastries and pastries.
Cadet rolling mill
Cadet sheeters are tabletop sheeters. They are equipped with fixed stainless steel shelves.