Chocolate cabinet: Optimal storage of your chocolate products

Chocolate cabinet

Featuring a solid door and a temperature and humidity control system, our chocolate cabinet ensures optimal conditions to preserve the freshness and flavor of your chocolates. Whether you are a chocolatier, a pastry shop or a bakery, this device makes it easier to manage your chocolate stocks and allows you to maintain perfect humidity for prolonged storage.

Our chocolate cabinet is specially designed to meet the storage needs of high quality chocolates. With precise control of temperature and humidity, this professional equipment guarantees optimal preservation of your products. Made in France to the highest standards, this cabinet provides an ideal environment for storing chocolate, maintaining its texture, taste and quality.

Chocolate cabinet - CRIOLLA
Two times named Innovation of the Year 2023 at the Sirha Innovation Awards and t judged as "incredible" , the CRIOLLA chocolate cabinet was developed in collaboration with a Meilleur Ouvrier de France chocolate maker to meet all the needs of the professional. This cabinet, unique on the market, was designed to have a single equipment that accompanies you from manufacturing chocolates to putting them in the store. Its 4 ultra-precise modes will accompany you throughout the chocolate manufacturing process, from defrosting at -10° to melter mode at +60°.