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Pastry freezing

In the world of pastry, freezing and freezing is a professional process that has revolutionized the way products are preserved while preserving their best taste quality and texture. This process, which consists of rapidly lowering the temperature of a food to its core, makes it possible to create optimal preservation without altering the initial characteristics of the cake or pastries.

Thanks to the use of advanced CFI techniques such as cryogenic freezing, where liquid nitrogen plays a key role, restaurateurs and artisans can now offer a varied range of frozen desserts to their customers, with a guarantee of freshness and Excellency. The shelf life is considerably extended, which represents a major advantage for the organization and production in bakeries. Additionally, choosing the right equipment, such as a blast chiller or a state-of-the-art preservative freezer, is essential to ensure efficient, consistent and time-saving cooling.

In fact, the negative cold must be distributed equally to avoid the formation of ice crystals which could damage the delicate structure of the doughs and creams. With these precautions and good control of the process, freezing becomes child's play and a real lever for offering ever more attractive and tasty products.

Preservative Freezer - CS BLUE CHEF - CFI
The CSC Blue Chef* are preservative freezers designed to store at -20°C and freeze at -38°C trays or grids. All CSC models are made up of a CSU-type freezing cell associated with a storage unit with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 doors.
SCH 46 trolley freezer - CFi
SCH rack freezers are intended for rapid cooling and freezing of products before storage.
SCH 46
Freezing and Rapid Cooling Cells - DEEP BLUE - CFI
DEEP BLUE are positive blast freezing and chilling cells. With 5, 10 or 15 levels, the DEEP BLUE are intended to receive trays or grids in 600x400mm or Gastronorm 1/1 format.
These stainless steel cells allow rapid cooling and freezing of products before storage.
The ventilation makes it possible to cool different types of food, bringing their temperature to +3° at the core for rapid cooling and up to -18° for freezing.
Trolley freezer - CFI
SCH rack freezers are intended for rapid cooling and freezing of products before storage.