Water Cooler and Bakery Doser | Fournil Concept

Water cooler and doser

In the world of baking, efficiency and quality of dough making are paramount. This is where the water cooler and doser play a key role. This equipment allows precise control of the temperature and water volume, thus guaranteeing optimal fermentation for excellent bread.

Other bakery equipment; kneader, divider, with CFI stainless steel equipment, equipped with electronic valves and water meters with program, craftsmen can precisely adjust the mixture and pressure of hot and cold water. Manual dosing is becoming obsolete thanks to these automatic systems which offer simple fine adjustment and drawdown to the nearest millimeter.

Whether for continuous or discontinuous use, these machines represent an essential functionality solution for any professional wishing to combine tradition and technology. By opting for suitable equipment, such as a water mixer with a digital reading probe or a refrigerating coil cooler, bakers ensure consistent dough preparation and bread quality that will build customer loyalty.

Continuous Pouring Water Chillers
The devices in the RCS/RCD range (Single Tank Chiller / Double Tank Chiller) are continuous casting water chillers.
Storage water cooler
The devices in the RE L range are storage water coolers. Their hourly flow rate varies from 90 liters to 250 liters per hour, to cool the drinking water in the network from +18° C to +2° C. The RE L90 and the RE L120 are delivered with wall support.
Doser and mixer
The DS range dosers are simple water dosers with a cold water inlet with standardized connection. They are designed to control the flow of a previously defined volume of cold water. The mixer dispensers from the DM range are water dispensers with a hot and cold water inlet with standardized connection, and adjustment of the pouring temperature by manual mixer. They are designed to control the flow of a previously defined volume of water at a controlled temperature.