Systèmes de pétrissage par batch

Batch kneading systems VMI

High level of productivity Versatility in applications and processes (breads, pastries, biscuits, pizzas, etc.) Regularity of processes thanks to the traceability of operations Optimized hygiene and maintenance


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For many years, VMI has offered automated batch kneading systems. These reliable solutions are designed to offer manufacturers high levels of productivity (from 1500 kg to 8 tonnes of dough per hour, continuously). Automated systems consist of integrating a battery of several kneaders or planetary mixers by organizing and automating the passage of tanks from one station to another, thus limiting non-production times and increasing the level of profitability. Respecting your constraints and in accordance with your manufacturing project (simple or elaborate kneading process), the engineers of our design offices design the equipment best suited to your production of bakery, pastry or snacking products. The main characteristics of the automated batch mixing solution: Two technologies are offered by VMI depending on your environment: automated assembly with suspended shuttle or floor shuttle Solution suitable for simple or elaborate manufacturing processes with pointing, autolysis, debubbled, Delayed dosing of ingredients, incorporation of leaven and/or parings, etc. Wide range of mixing equipment possible depending on the product to be produced: spiral mixers, oblique axis mixers, bottom drain mixers, Verymix III horizontal mixer, planetary mixers Flexible and secure management of recipes, agile and secure control of your production thanks to an intuitive and high-performance HMI Consistency in the quality of finished products with the recording of recipes and different manufacturing parameters Traceability of operations (history of information elements, import/export of data) Optimized cleaning: automatic cleaning of tanks , reduced water consumption, zero risk of contamination Optimized maintenance and possibility of remote technical assistance Depending on your constraints and the type of product to be produced, VMI offers you different mixing equipment for your automated lines: Oblique axis mixers with removable bowl Spiral mixers with removable bowl Ultimix mixers Verymix continuous mixers Verymix III mixers Bottom drain mixers

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