Pétrin à spirale cuve fixe
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Fixed bowl spiral mixer

SPI spiral mixers ensure gentle kneading, without overheating, while respecting the steps necessary for perfect oxygenation.

The regular movement of the spiral allows the creation of a structured dough, smooth, coherent and homogeneous, thanks to a succession of pressures, stretching and shearing.


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- A bowl designed to increase efficiency: The corked stainless steel bowl of the SPI spiral mixers has been specially designed to ensure effective and fast kneading as well as optimum oxygenation of the dough by stretching, cutting and blowing it in turn.

- Simple control: Readable and ergonomic, the Bertrand-Puma control panels are available in automatic (EL models) or manual (EM models) versions throughout the SPI range. They allow efficient kneading management, with ease.

- Splash guard: allows a significant reduction in flour dust emissions. Completely transparent, it also makes cleaning easier and offers a view of the dough at all times, whatever the kneading or proofing stage.

- Robustness: Power transmission by belts requires no maintenance.

- Ergonomics: Adjustable feet stabilize the mixer.

- Safety: em> When the lid is raised, the mixer stops automatically.

The spiral mixers of the SPI range offer a quality of incomparable kneading, combining versatility and unfailing robustness, for perfect respect for the dough and your work. p>

SPIs are available in 5 models, with automatic or electromechanical control, with a capacity of kneading ranging from 3 to 200kg depending on the model.

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