Batteur Mélangeur Tornado
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Tornado Mixer Stentor - Bertrand Puma

The Tornado has been designed specifically for bakery and pastry, it allows you to prepare all types of mixtures such as pastry (cream, sponge cake, meringue, etc.) and a wide variety of doughs (biscuits, brioche , special breads, pastries, etc.).

Tornado guarantees you the precision and agility necessary for the realization of all your recipes thanks to its 3 tools (paddle, whisk, spiral) and its management of the mixing speed.


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Optimal comfort of use: The stainless steel tank is one-piece and easy to hold thanks to its two handles. A tank support trolley is also available to further facilitate movement.

Ergonomics and safety for the user: em> Opening the hood causes the mixer to stop automatically, a flip-up, flour-spattering hood that ensures safe operation.

A foolproof mixer-mixer: It incorporates robust, precise and silent mechanical parts thanks to the adoption of a mixed transmission system with belts and gears in treated steel with sealed lubrication. This reinforced mechanism, placed in a cast iron head, generates the planetary movement of the tool. The motor is protected by a thermal relay.

Transparent cover: Anti-projection of flour and liftable , it ensures safe operation for the user.

Optimal visibility: A light illuminates the inside the tank to guarantee perfect visibility of your preparations.

Interchangeable tools: Tornado is delivered with 3 tools, easily interchangeable the aluminum paddle, the aluminum spiral and the stainless steel whisk. A scraper option can be chosen in addition to the tool to further promote the homogeneity of your preparations.

Evaporation of mist: The cover is not contiguous with the structure, leaving a space that allows optimal evaporation within the tank.

Designed specifically for bakery and pastry, the mixers of the Tornado range are available in 3 models with a capacity of 20, 40 or 60 liters.

A guarantee of productivity and comfort thanks to its robust and ergonomic construction, as well as its interchangeable tools, Tornado offers you great versatility in the production of your products.

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