Pétrin à spirale à cuve amovible
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Spiral mixer with removable bowl SPI A 200 - Platinium - BERTRAND PUMA

Éequipped with two rotation speeds, the mixer with removable bowl is designed to prevent dough from rising, and to precisely control the kneading speed depending on the strength of the dough.


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- Steel frame, covered with food-grade epoxy paint.

- The mixers are equipped with two rotation speeds.

- The kneading tool associated with the specific geometry of the tank prevents the dough from rising and ensures perfect oxygenation even for reduced quantities of dough.

- Anti-flour splash cover.

- Automatic control, two timers for automatic switching to second gear.

- Easier work: Insertion and extraction of the tank made easier by a hydraulic head lifting mechanism.

- Dough quality: The motorized bowl allows precise control of the kneading speed depending on the strength of the dough.

- Safety: Tank pre-hooking device for installing the machine on an uneven surface.

The SPI A BERTRAND PUMA spiral mixer with removable bowl allows you to work small and large doughs. Used with a BCA bowl tilting elevator, the SPI A removable bowl spiral mixer allows the dough contained in the bowl to be effortlessly unloaded to a table or volumetric weigher.

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