Pétrin à spirale compact
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Compact spiral mixer

Available in two models 30 and 45 kg, it allows the kneading of traditional breads, special breads, croissants... very gently.


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- The SPI Compact is the ideal spiral kneader for kneading any type of dough - from the least to the most hydrated - in the smallest working environments.< /p>

- stop flour dust: a food-grade flour splatter cover, which ensures safe operation safety for the user.

- Control panel: The electromechanical control of the SPI Compact includes buttons first and second speed, stop, as well as a timer for simple and intuitive cycle management.

- Optimal construction: Equipped with a single motor with two speeds, the SPI Compact has a steel frame covered with food-grade epoxy paint. The corked stainless steel tank, with rim, has been specially designed to ensure efficient and rapid milling as well as optimal oxygenation of the dough by stretching it, cutting it and blowing it in turn.

- the ally of small workspaces: Small in size and mounted on wheels, the SPI Compact can be slid under a worktop work without difficulty, and will find its place in all bakery configurations!

- Visibility and safety: em> Entirely transparent, the cover also facilitates cleaning and allows visibility of the dough at all times, whatever the stage of kneading or proofing.

The SPI Compact spiral kneaders - available in two models 30 and 45 kg - ensure gentle kneading, without overheating, while respecting the steps necessary for perfect oxygenation of traditional bread, specialty breads, croissants, brioches, pizza dough, etc.

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