Chambre de conservation négative - Blue Room
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Negative preservation chamber - Blue Room

The blue room negative storage chambers are intended for the storage at -20°C of bakery products. They can be equipped with storage shelves, or receive storage trolleys.


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  • Height: meters, 2.25 meters or 2.4 meters.


  • 90mm insulated floor
  • Interior and/or exterior 304 stainless steel finish
  • Shelving per linear meter
  • Reinforced floor (optional)


  • LED ceiling lighting.
  • Reinforced insulation (polyurethane foam 42kg/m3)
  • Door scraper seal for good sealing
  • Temperature recorder and trapped person alarm kit (from 10m3)< /li>
  • Structural reinforcements increase the rigidity of the chamber
  • All interior corners are rounded for easy cleaning.
  • The combination of the thickness of the insulation, made of rigid polyurethane foam and its density, limits losses and energy consumption
  • The rooms are equipped with a pre-drilled strip curtain, a door heating cord and a decompression valve
  • A robust chamber, durable over time
  • Optimization of cleaning time
  • Reduces the operating cost of each of your devices thanks to energy savings
  • The modular design of the rooms allows each user to find a room adapted to their needs, according to their production, their organization of work and the constraints of setting up its bakery.
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