Conservateur négatif - Blue Chef
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Negative conservative - CNP Entry 600 - Blue Chef - CFI

The Blue Chef is a preservative capable of preserving pre-frozen pastries and pastries at negative temperature (-18°C) , or storing them at < strong>positive temperature (+4°C).

Composed of 2 to 10 storage doors, Blue Chef preserves even the most delicate products without risk of alteration or deterioration.


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Blue Chef is a range of preservatives intended for the negative or positive preservation of bakery and pastry products.
Modular, the range comes in five models, from 2 to 10 gates, capable of accommodating 600x400 size plates.

Design and finishes

  • 304 stainless steel interior finish / PVC exterior (brushed 430 stainless steel exterior optional)
  • Sturdy metal hinges < li>Each preservation compartment is equipped with adjustable slides in order to be able to insert products of different sizes. Slide adjustment every 15mm
  • Removable racks and slides, in 304 stainless steel.
  • Right or left fitting doors, but also "butterfly" doors available, facilitating the transfer of plates (4 gate model only).


  • HTA Group (High Ambient Temperature, +43°C max.) .
  • Insulated panels in 42 kg/m3 polyurethane foam, high pressure, 110 mm thick, with chicane junctions for perfect sealing
  • Easy and quick assembly < li>Heating cord on each door
  • Side or rear condensate drain

Control and programming

  • Easy to use and intuitive touch control
  • Programmable automatic defrosting.

Suitable for all productions

  • A Bi-Temperature preservative: Versatile, the BLUE CHEF gives you the choice between storing previously frozen products at negative temperature at -18°C and the conservation at positive temperature between 0°C and +4°C of your fresh products.
  • 2 to 10 gates: With With a capacity of 14 to 94 trays, the different configurations of the Blue Chef make it possible to adapt to different layouts and production flows. It is possible to add additional storage compartments later in order to increase the capacity of your equipment according to your needs.

Access to maintenance from the front, without the need for tools

Capacitive control

  • Incident signaling and audible alarm
  • Open door detection

The Blue Chef range is made up of two conservation equipment:

This conservative, which allows products to be stored from -18° to +4° and the Blue Chef Freezer Freezer* capable of freezing down to -38° without altering the products.

This equipment is available from 2 to 10 gates, adapting to all environments and all needs.

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