Pétrin continu sous vide Continuum®
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Continuum® vacuum kneader

Improves the softness and preservation of the product, due to excellent aeration of the dough by the use of vacuum/pressure technology Optimal transmission of energy to the dough and better heat exchange thanks to the limitation of the work in progress of dough in the kneading tank Control of all the kneading parameters The horizontal pre-mixer (PMH) ensures the perfect pre-hydration of the powders in a very short time


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The Continuum® is the first continuous vacuum kneader exclusively designed for the industry of sandwich bread, buns, brioches and other soft products. The continuous kneader has the advantage of meeting mass production needs. The need to be able to preserve the products has allowed frozen dough to prevail over fresh dough. For this, temperature control - via the circulation of glycol in the double jacket of the tank - and energy are essential. The Continuum®, like its cousin the Verymix, integrates these functionalities. The two mixing phases - pre-mixing and kneading - are made possible by the presence of the PMH: pre-mixer with innovative and patented tools, allowing the hydration of the mixture and its homogenization in a very fast time. During kneading, the aeration and structuring of the dough are made possible by a reduced kneading chamber, which guarantees better temperature control and a faster and more efficient energy supply. Adding pressure or vacuum helps to modulate and better structure the crumb. Controlling all the kneading parameters and their interaction allows the Continuum® kneader to obtain the best results in terms of softness and durability of the finished product.
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