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Volumetric weigher

The “HT” volumetric weigher is a robust, precise and highly productive machine, capable of dividing from 900 to 2200 pieces/hour, at a fixed or variable rate.


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- Brush flour duster: Placed at the belt entrance, it is operated by the main motorization allowing continuous flouring.

- Manual closing: em> The cover is clamped to the stainless steel hopper using a stirrup and a handwheel: an inflatable seal provides sealing and allows pressurization.

- Automatic closing: A motorized hatch slides on rails and closes the tank. An inflatable seal ensures tightness and promotes pressurization.

- Precision: the weight adjustment wheel has a precise display dial to adjust the desired dough weight.< /p>

- Programmable: Programmable dough piece counter. It is used to define the number of dough pieces coming out of the divider. When the countdown displays zero, the machine stops automatically.

- Pressurized hopper: pressurization of the hopper to ensure optimal dough flow, regularity weight and minimize dough losses.

A guarantee of robustness

  • Mechanically welded structure, equipped with wheels, extremely robust.< /li>
  • Simple and generously sized mechanics.
  • Sealed bearings and bearings with grease nipples.
  • Dividing cylinder in cast iron, stainless steel jacketed.
  • Head bronze piston ring, with segment sealing.

Easy servicing and maintenance

Only weigher of the market, due to its structure, requiring no addition of oil, without lubricating the piston.

The interior of the hopper tank, made of food-grade stainless steel, ensures good flow of the dough before division. The advantages are as follows:

  • Better resistance to corrosion.
  • Great resistance to temperature variations.
  • Perfect food neutrality.
  • Ease of maintenance.

« The “HT” pressurized hopper volumetric weigher is a robust, precise machine with a high productivity, able to divide from 730 to 2200 parts/hour, at a fixed or variable rate. Extremely reliable, it guarantees weight accuracy. »

A complete range

  • Manual or automatic closing.
  • 19 models with fixed or variable*.
  • 2 piston widths as standard (90 or 110 mm).
  • Allows you to divide all types of bread dough weighing 150 to 1200 g ( white, tradition, organic, …) while preserving all the dough.
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