Armoire de Fermentation Contrôlée - BLUE MOON
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Controlled Fermentation Cabinet - BLUE MOON

The controlled proofing cabinets allow you to obtain perfect proofing for your products by controlling, according to your needs, the proofing parameters such as temperature, duration of the phases and humidity thanks to the V control -Link. It also ensures the optimization of the honeycombing, aromas and taste of the dough.


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The fermentation cabinet is available in 1 or 2 doors, white or stainless steel finish.


  • 1 compartment with a door (1C1P): 400×600, 400×800, 430×800, 460×800, 600×800…
  • 1 compartment with 2 hinged doors (1C2B): 750×900, 800×800, 1000×800, 1200×800…
  • 2 compartments with 2 gates (2C2P): 400×600, 400×800, 460×800, 600×800…..


  • V-Link control
  • Reinforced insulation (42kg/m3 polyurethane foam)
  • Insulating floor (optional) < li>Reinforced "Vapoo" steam system (only for proofing cabinets with trolley and stainless steel finish)


  • Stainless steel (optional)
  • Glass door (optional)

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  • Trolley
  • Bins
  • Grids

La V-Link control allows you to control all fermentation functions and parameters (duration of phases, temperature, humidity, etc.) in a precise and intuitive way. This new generation of touch control combines ergonomics and versatility. It offers many advantages, both for live and offline work.

4 functions:

1. A natural defrosting cycle, allowing frozen products to ferment without leaching water.
2. A blocking phase that allows you to delay the growth phase of your products
3. The fermentation phases, regulated in very precise ways (duration, hygrometry, etc.)
4. A return to cold phase, automatic at the end of the cycle.

Finally, this cabinet is part of an environmental approach thanks to its natural gas, CO² (R448A).

A wide range, comprising 6 models:

  • AFV — Controlled Proving Cabinets for Viennese Pastries < li>AFB — Bakery controlled fermentation cabinets
  • AFJ — Junior controlled fermentation cabinets
  • AFT — Tradition controlled fermentation cabinets - mixed
  • AFC — Controlled Fermentation Rack
  • SF — Controlled Fermentation Cabinets Under Oven
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