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LIQUID SOURDOUGH MACHINE Fermentolevain Bertrand Puma

The Fermentolevain is bakery-pastry equipment used to produce and store liquid sourdough.

Incorporating liquid sourdough in bread-making shortens kneading times and promotes air cell formation irregular. Liquid leaven gives greater mechanical tolerance to the dough (flexibility, elongation). Depending on the incorporation percentage, the aromas and flavors of the products will be varied.


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- Quick sourdough development: The V-Touch is an intuitive touch control that allows you to easily access all the features of the device, with a simple gesture. The user locates and quickly accesses numerous parameters from the main menu.

- Perfect and controlled hygiene: em> Fermentolevain® offers an automatic cleaning cycle (eco cycle and long cycle) which makes initial cleaning very easy. A hand shower makes it possible to reach all corners of the tank and tools (not available on the FL 30).

- Easy to use and control: the touch control guides the baker step by step through pre-recorded programs or customizable< /strong>. Preservation cycles are easily controlled through clear and intuitive control panels.

- A taste of craftsmanship: em> the sourdough makes it possible to obtain consistent, rich breads, with a slightly lactic taste which can be brought towards more "acid" flavors by playing on the "Chef" used and the temperature

- Better keeping bread: Sourdough bread keeps longer than regular bread thanks to the acidity released by bacteria , which slows down its staling. This type of bread also has a denser crust that acts as a protective wrapper. It helps retain moisture in the bread and limits the drying of the crumb.

- Easier work:< /em> Using natural sourdough results in a shorter fermentation time, as well as kneading times. The glutinous tissue being much more ordered, the mechanical operations are facilitated: the dough pieces are more flexible and therefore facilitate rolling and shaping, the cuts are much more straightforward, the dough is less sticky and the scarification becomes easier

The Fermentolevain® range consists of 4 liquid leaven devices, with a capacity of 30L to 200L, for small or large productions.< /span>

The Fermentolevain® range ensures that you have a natural sourdough capacity in line with your production.

All our Fermentolevain® models will allow you to keep your sourdough starter for several days and to make your refreshments under the strictest hygienic conditions. It is even now possible to make the "Chef" in Fermentolevain®.

All, even the smallest vat capacities, include effect a heating cord and a cooling coil intended to promote the maturation and storage of natural sourdough

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