Fermenteurs à levain Tradilevain 110
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Sourdough fermenters Tradilevain 110 JAC

Any passionate baker knows the interest of bread-making on the basis of liquid leaven. It is a natural improver which contributes to the development of aromas, to the increase in conservation and crispness. But it is above all a way to personalize your production and retain your customers with a taste that you can work in your own way and that they will not find with your competitors. In theory, mastering the production of liquid sourdough can be questionable. In reality, there is nothing simpler and more rewarding, provided you have the ideal machine. At JAC, our international activity has allowed us to face many challenges because the liquid sourdough used in Lyon is not that of Moscow, Barcelona, New York, Berlin


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  • Automix: Yes
  • Variospeed: Yes
  • Thermasoft : Yes
  • Minicare: Yes
  • Touch screen: Yes
  • Motor power (kW): 4
  • Heating power in (kW): 0.45
  • 50Hz cooling unit power (kW): 0.9
  • 220v - 50Hz -60Hz (A): 14.5
  • 380v - 50Hz-60Hz (A): 10
  • Loading height (cm): 125
  • Tank volume (l): 220
  • Maximum total capacity (l) strong>: 140
  • Maximum usable capacity (l): 110
  • < strong>Minimum total capacity (l): 70
  • Minimum useful capacity (l): 55
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Tradilevain 110
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