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EMERALD Deck Ovens

The Emeraude dual-energy hearth oven is an assembly of three stages in annular tube technology and an electric stage. This versatile baker's oven will delight you when simultaneously baking breads requiring different temperatures.
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The Emeraude oven allows you to cook many products with precision thanks to its annular tube technology. It also has an electric stage and other features:

- New timer: 4 separate timers per floor for better visibility of your cooking

- Design and neat finish: the finishes are robust and neat, the angles have been studied to avoid corners that are difficult to clean

- Ergonomics and comfort of use: the ergonomic handles with hubcaps and the magnetic blade holders make it easier to handle the oven

- Energy saving: The independence of the electrical stage, as well as the flexibility of use of each zone, ensures control of energy consumption.

- Flexible and efficient baking: Thanks to reinforced insulation between the electrical stage and annular tubes, the simultaneous baking of breads requiring different temperatures becomes child's play. The rapid rise to the set temperature allows replenishment during the day in order to meet demand and satisfy customers, without requiring the complete use of the three other annular stages.

< p>- Custom setting for each floor: you can independently adjust the temperature of the bottom and the top and the operation of the steam generator according to each floor.

- Energy saving: very good insulation of the oven, both outside outside and between the boxes, thus limiting heat loss as much as possible and saving energy.

- Robustness: facade entirely made of brushed stainless steel and protected glass joints on each floor

The Emeraude range:

The Emeraude oven is the multipurpose oven par excellence. Thanks to the combination of three levels in annular tube technology and an electric level, it allows easy and adjusted cooking in all circumstances. The Emeraude will satisfy you during your large batches such as your intermittent cooking during the day.

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