Fours À soles JADE Style
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JADE Style Deck Ovens

This steam oven allows you to cook your bakery and pastry products. This gas or fuel oven system reduces your energy bills and saves space thanks to its 3 built-in sides.


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The construction of the Jade annular tube steam oven has been reworked to ensure quality cooking while making it easier to handle:

- Thermal insulation: is provided by rock wool panels of 100 to 150 mm thick depending on the walls, for increased safety and excellent energy efficiency.

- The waterproofing of the facade: is guaranteed by a fiber braid. The inter-door seals are metallic.

- Visibility of products throughout cooking: is improved thanks to a low-voltage halogen lamp, protected from heat by a tempered glass window

- New timer: 4 separate timers per level for better visibility of your cooking

- Design and finish neat: the finishes are robust and neat, the angles have been studied to avoid corners that are difficult to clean

- Ergonomics and comfort of use: the ergonomic handles with bezels and the magnetic blade holders make it easier to hold the oven

- Exclusive Pavailler system: of smoke recycling ensures very good cooking consistency. It also significantly improves the efficiency of the oven. Jade Style tube ovens help you reduce your energy bill.

- Energy saving: very good insulation of the oven, both outside and between the boxes, thus limiting heat loss as much as possible and allowing energy savings.

- Robustness: facade entirely made of brushed stainless steel and protected window seals on each floor.

- Safety: the CE-approved forced-air fuel or gas burner and each steam tube is tested at high pressure in the factory before shipment for your safety.

JADE ovens are “steam” tube ovens, intended for bakery and pastry applications, to the exclusion of any other type of use .

They are available in 3 models:

J14: 1 door per floor / 4 floors
J 26: 2 doors per floor / 3 floors
J24: 2 doors per floor / 4 floors

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