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Deck Ovens OPALE TOUCH Y34 - Pavailler

The Opale electric deck oven is an expert in traditional deck cooking. This real bread oven distributes heat evenly. The easy-touch adjustment control allows you to adjust your cooking parameters, such as steam (steam) production.
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When designing the Opale deck oven, we made sure that it was easy to use while obtaining perfect cooking for all your products: span>

- Egonomics and comfort of use: the cooking indicator column is tilted towards the user to facilitate reading

- Design and neat finishes: the finishes are robust and neat, the angles have been studied to avoid corners that are difficult to clean

- Energy saving: A programmable automaton manages the energy saving by optimizing the heating time of each cooking chamber and of the steam generator. This management system optimizes the total power of the oven while maintaining excellent responsiveness on each floor.

- Production of steam: The steam generator, placed in the lower part of the oven, is heated by 3 waterproof armored resistances in stainless steel and guarantees you a significant and sufficient overproduction of steam to follow the most intensive rates.


- Easy-touch control: a new modern and intuitive control allows easy regulation of the baking of your bread. It combines a recipe book, access to an economical mode for your electricity consumption, and easy adjustment.

- Easy maintenance: the angles have been studied to avoid corners that are difficult to clean, while like the refined altar table to facilitate oven maintenance

- Small footprint: surface significant cooking time for a small footprint.

- Custom setting of each floor: you can adjust regardless of the temperature of the floor and the top and the operation of the steam generator according to each floor.

- Economy energy: the very good insulation of the oven, both outside and between the boxes, allows limited heat loss to be limited

The range:

The Opale Touch oven is ideal for traditional baking on the bottom, thanks to a perfectly even distribution of heat in the cooking chambers and the separate setting of bottom and top temperatures.

Versatile, it will be the ally of all your products, even the most refined.
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