Pétrin à axe oblique Axoplus 95 - Cuve fixe
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Axoplus 95 oblique axis kneader - Fixed bowl - VMI

Mobile kneader with a frame on wheels Versatility in recipes thanks to Axoplus mixers Precision in production with tool and bowl speed variation


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The Axoplus 95 fixed bowl oblique axis kneader offers great versatility in recipes. Axoplus shearers combine strong shearing power with exceptional stretching capacity. The 2-arm fraseur allows you to knead both hard and highly hydrated doughs. The 3-arm fraseur is particularly suitable for the production of pizza dough and catering products. The Axoplus 95 allows you to work small productions in the 95 liter tank (10% of its maximum capacity). This kneader benefits from the speed variation of the tool and the bowl for more precision. And the recipe programming mode guarantees the reproducibility of production.
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