Pétrin à axe oblique série 2000 EV - Cuve fixe ou cuve amovible
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Series 2000 EV oblique shaft kneader - Fixed bowl or removable bowl

Quality of kneading of traditional breads Compliance with hygiene rules with a stainless steel tank as standard Full transparent cover with inspection hatch, to protect the safety and health of operators Model also available in a removable tank


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The 2000 EV series oblique-shaft kneader is the world reference in kneading for the production of traditional breads, pastries and shortcrust pastry. Several models are available, with tank volumes ranging from 170 liters to 330 liters (80 kg to 160 kg of dough*). The 330 liter model is available in fixed tank and removable tank versions. The motorized stainless steel bowl and the assisted braking facilitate the hydration of the dough and the regularity of the kneading. The 2000 EV series oblique-shaft kneader is equipped with a roller bowl drive system which ensures flexibility and discreet operation. The Phébus blender, standard in the profession, has a triangular shape to guarantee precise kneading and cover a wide range of recipes. The 2000 EV series mixers can be optionally equipped with a Rex arm. This fraseur allows you to stretch the dough without shearing it, ideal for kneading soft and more hydrated dough. *maximum dough capacity, for an average hydration rate of 60%.

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