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SPI-LAB kneader

Modularity: each kneader can operate independently and decentralized, or be associated with the supervision tool - Up to 10 kneaders can be connected by bluetooth Versatility: As many recipes as installed kneaders are possible at the same time Flexibility: Possibility of suspend a test in progress. Modifiable parameters during the test Traceability: Each test carried out is recorded with all the parameters influencing the quality of the kneading: bowl and tool speeds, time, temperature, energy Reproducibility: the parameters and conditions defined allow a recipe to be reproduced at any time. identical, and to maintain the quality


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Intended for bakers, millers and training organizations, the SPI-LAB dough mixer bench is the ideal tool for analyzing raw materials. Laboratory mixers carry out comparative tests to improve the quality of recipes, for extrapolation to the industrial stage. Up to 10 bakery mixers can operate independently or be wired to a PC-based supervision application, with monitoring and control software. As many recipes as mixers can be launched simultaneously, with the possibility of chaining recipes that can each be broken down into 30 phases. Parameters can also be modified during the test to optimize results. Great flexibility of use and space saving are guaranteed, the worktop is positioned on casters to facilitate movement and cleaning.

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