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Eclipse dough rest

The Eclipse Dough Rest is an intermediate relaxation chamber with swings, promoting elongation during shaping.


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- The self-supporting frame is in epoxy painted steel. This chassis is mounted on 4 swivel casters for easy movement, as well as front brakes.

- The covering is in painted steel.

- The upper plate is intended to accommodate a shaper.

- A retractable rounding shelf is located in the front part (excluding Eclipse Basic).

- The swings are made of felt food grade synthetic material, easily removable.

- The step-by-step advancement of the swings is ensured by 2 push buttons located to the right and left of the work station (1 push button located to the left only for the Eclipse Basic).

- Optional: Secure maintenance cycle with timed shutdown in front of a germicidal lamp and ventilation for drying (excluding Eclipse Basic).

- The ally of intensive production: Designed especially for intensive, high-speed production, the Eclipse Stentor will rise to the occasion of all expectations.

- Robust: the Eclipse Stentor is prepared for all eventualities:

The stainless steel chassis in the lower part gives it resistance increased corrosion. The interface is also more resistant to shocks thanks to its metal cover and the integration of flush buttons. The rounding shelf is made of ertalon, a rigid and tough material with excellent wear resistance.

- Ergonomic: a bar has been added to the front to facilitate the movement of the machine. An inspection hatch is also integrated at the rear to make cleaning even easier.

The Eclipse are intermediate expansion chambers, with swings. The use of a dough piece rest ensures good relaxation of the dough pieces after the dividing stage, which promotes elongation during shaping.

While having a large loading capacity , the compact dimensions of the Eclipse dough rests allow them to be integrated into all bakery configurations and to optimize the work space. Ergonomic research on this equipment has led to a design ensuring a good working position, for easy and comfortable use.

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