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Nova Soft wrapper

The Nova Soft rolling machine makes it possible to lengthen the dough pieces without degassing them in order to ensure quality product development, rounded ends and preserve the honeycomb.


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  • Versatile: < /em>it accommodates dough pieces ranging from 80 to 800g and allows a wide variety of products: traditional breads, rolls, sandwich breads, flutes, etc.
  • Robustness: Just like the other Bertrand Puma products, robustness is at the heart of the Nova Soft, ensured by a stainless steel frame. The box carpet is made of 5mm thick wooltop synthetic wool. The fixed mat is made of 3mm thick milled wool.
  • Compact: To place on a table or on a base, its compactness allows it to be integrated into all bakery configurations. >


A complete process in delayed proofing, centered on the quality of the bread and dedicated to improving the way of organizing and working to increase productivity and working comfort.


  • Traditional chopsticks with round, honeycombed ends .
  • Rolls up and lengthens the dough pieces without degassing them.
  • Flexible and dough-friendly action.
  • Ensures quality development of the products, a delicious appearance at the ends round, and preserves ideal honeycombing.
  • Receives dough pieces ranging from 80g to 1500g.
  • Rear mat removable without tools for easy daily cleaning.
  • Compact, put on a table or on a base, it fits into all bakeries

The NOVA TRAD process:

  • Traditional chopsticks with round, dimpled ends.
  • The artisanal flavor of a sourdough product.
  • A variety of production: special breads, breads in trays or filled breads.
  • Faster production and a better distributed workload.
  • Gently shaping, without degassing the dough.
  • Ideal for small bakeries.

Nova Soft is a roll-up machine for stretching the dough pieces without degassing them. Thanks to its flexible and dough-friendly action, it ensures your products develop quality, a fleshy appearance with rounded ends and preserves ideal alveolation.

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