MAG-R PRO removable bowl spiral mixer
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MAG-R PRO removable bowl spiral mixer

Ease of use thanks to its electronic control panel and the possibility of saving up to 20 recipes Versatility: the pivot/scraper allows you to knead both small and large quantities of dough Productivity: to automate your productions, the mixers of the MAG-R PRO range can be completed by installing a lift and additional stainless steel tanks on a trolley Small footprint and working comfort thanks to the hydraulic system for raising and lowering the head


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The range of MAG-R PRO spiral mixers has been designed for semi-industrial and industrial use. Fitted with a removable stainless steel tank on a trolley, they are suitable for the production of all yeast doughs (excluding doughs hydrated at less than 50%). The MAG PRO kneader is a solution perfectly suited to users who favor simplicity and efficiency, thanks to: Its ergonomic digital control panel which allows better control of kneading and the programming of 20 recipes Its 2 tool speeds and its bowl reverse gear to facilitate mixing extraction of the dough Its 2 independent motors guaranteeing both regularity and power in the kneading All the kneaders in the MAG-R PRO range are equipped as standard with: A hydraulic system for raising and lowering the head A bowl removable cover and a stainless steel hood with hatch to limit flour dust and add small ingredients during mixing A drain plug for efficient cleaning of the tank A by-pass selector to secure the operation of the machine in emergency mode Three models are available according to your needs: 80, 120 and 160 kg of dough* (maximum capacity for an average hydration rate of 60%).

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