Genius spiral kneaders
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Genius spiral kneaders

Intuitive touchscreen interface with recipe programming Double transmission to knead the toughest doughs Machine mobility thanks to a pedal integrated into the frame A water inlet to supply the kneader and for drench during production An access hatch to facilitate machine maintenance


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The Génius spiral kneader is suitable for all types of bread dough, including the most resistant based on strong flours. This bakery mixer is very efficient thanks to reduced kneading and kneading times, and covers a wide range of dough hydration. The GENIUS was designed to improve the working comfort of the artisan baker while increasing their efficiency and productivity. The GENIUS guarantees a perfectly homogeneous mixture with rapid kneading respecting the blowing-shearing-extension balance necessary for making the dough. Ergonomics has been thought out down to the smallest detail, with the presence of a pedal integrated into the frame to facilitate moving the mixer. An integrated water supply is provided to simplify drenching and cleaning. The double transmission and the shape of the spiral allow you to make all types of dough. A second version of the mixer, the GENIUS Digy, integrates double tool-bowl speed variation, the Digy touchscreen dashboard and recipe programming. Compliance with European standards VMI ensures the health of bakers by equipping its machines with a transparent cover limiting flour dust emissions, the primary factor responsible for bakers' asthma. Beyond their health, bakers are now putting themselves at risk with European standards if the equipment is covered with a simple grid. All dough mixers and mixers in the VMI craft range comply with European standards EN 453 and EN 454.

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