SPI AV spiral mixer
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SPI AV spiral mixer

Performance thanks to its robust design and powerful motors allowing regular production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Versatility of applications Ergonomics and ease of use Optimized hygiene and maintenance


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The flagship of the VMI range of spiral kneaders with removable bowl, the SPI AV can be used to produce small and large productions of more or less hydrated dough, whether bread, pastries, pizzas, donuts, bagels or even steaks. plants. Robust and resistant, they are the guarantee of regular production. The tank does not slip, even with injection of CO 2 or addition of ice, while ensuring uniform mixing of the ingredients and the rapid development of a gluten network. With a robust design and equipped with powerful motors allowing them to produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, SPI AV mixers with removable bowl adapt to all configurations thanks to: A wide range of easy-to-change mixing tools ( spiral, spiral paddle, whisk, cutter, etc. Frequency converter (optional) offering greater working flexibility and allowing you to customize rustic bread and ciabatta recipes Intuitive control and recipe recording for the version with HMI ( option) SPI AV mixers are also recommended for their qualities in terms of: hygiene and cleanability: compact design, with no retention zone; drain plug at the bottom of the tank and inclination of the frame to facilitate the flow of water for maintenance: easy and quick access to the various control points DAVI double-tool mixers The range of mixers with removable bowl dedicated to industrialists also offers a double tool version. These kneaders, equipped with high kneading power, ensure speed and quality of dough processing. They are designed to develop a very high level of torque and easily work with rich and reputedly hard and low-hydrated doughs (pie doughs, rolled up or frozen quiche doughs). Equipped with whisks or paddles, SPI DAVI mixers allow you to make all your pastry products.

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