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Kneadster® Kneader

All-stainless steel machine for industrial or semi-industrial use Innovative and efficient mixing technology for all types of dough, from the firmest to the most hydrated Ergonomics and ease of cleaning Modular and upgradeable


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The Kneadster® dough mixer is aimed at bakers who wish to produce quality artisanal bread on an industrial scale, but also all other major families of dough: sandwich bread, pastries, brioche, cookies, snack products... Born from a technological innovation from VMI, the Kneadster® kneader with removable bowl is equipped with a double mixing tool with an exclusive design. The diameter of the tools, their shape and their position in the tank allow the dough to be developed quickly and evenly without heating it. Less stressed, the machine is more durable and more reliable. It also allows a good incorporation of the ingredients added at different times. The other advantages of the Kneadster® mixer are: Control of your recipes and mixing processes thanks to the intuitive control of the HMI and the traceability of production parameters Economical and responsible production: VMI has developed the mixer in order to store and reinject energy into the tool drive circuit, which significantly reduces consumption. Working comfort: ergonomic and silent design Optimized hygiene: all stainless steel design and without retention zone, the Kneadster® mixer is washable with a high pressure cleaner Scalability: Kneadster® mixers are intended to be integrated into automated or robotic systems. Kneadster® dough mixers are available in bakery or pastry mixing tool versions.

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