Refroidisseur d'eau à accumulation
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Storage water cooler

The devices in the RE L range are storage water coolers. Their hourly flow rate varies from 90 liters to 250 liters per hour, to cool the drinking water in the network from +18° C to +2° C. The RE L90 and the RE L120 are delivered with wall support.


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  • RE L90: 90 liters per hour
  • RE L120: 120 liters per hour
  • RE L250: 250 liters per hour


  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustable jack feet


  • Water temperature adjustable by an electronic regulator precise to the 10th.
  • water stirrer
  • R452A refrigerant
  • external water column with direct and instantaneous reading

Temperature< /strong>

  • +18° C to +2° C
  • The electromechanical control panel allows extreme precision as to the desired temperature
  • Water circulation is ensured between all the tubes of the coil: contact is maximum
  • A water filter with high filtration capacity, ensures casting water without impurities
  • Quality water requiring little adjustment
  • Ease of use and practicality


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